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A firm based on the idea that high quality, fee-only financial planning and investment management should not only be available for high net worth individuals.

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A company with you in mind

Composed Financial’s founder, Matt Schwegman, began with a vision that all families, regardless of status deserve top-notch financial management.

He believes the industry’s model is outdated and in need of change.

The Founder

The dark ages

Prior to the 1980’s, ‘financial planners’ consisted of stock brokers, insurance agents, and other salesmen who earned their living by selling products.  Astonishingly, the industry is little changed.  Commission-based products and behind-the-scenes sales charges dominate the industry.

These salesmen have goals that may not be aligned with yours because they make more money depending on the number or type of products they sell you, regardless of whether it was in your best interest.  They are not held to a fiduciary standard….

A better alternative

Enter the fee-only financial planner.  This newer form of adviser earns a living by charging a fee on assets under management.  This model more aligned the adviser’s recommendations to your needs.

However, due to the newness of the profession and technological limitations at the time, many advisers focused on high net worth families in order to first survive and then later thrive.

Unfortunately, most continue to have investment minimums or simply turn away clients such as yourself because they feel you are too small to impact their bottom line.  They are right, but only because their business model is outdated…

Our Partners

Why only for people with high net worths?

Most families do not start out with a high net worth, and are left to navigate between commission-based salesmen and hybrid fee-based planners.

The latter charges both commissions on the products sold and also a fee.

This environment has been relatively consistent for the last 20+ years, despite vast advances in technology. There is a clear need for evolution…


A company with you in mind

I, Matt Schwegman, believe technological advances over the past 20 years enable firms to go after the under-served middle market.

Tools such as Blueleaf, inStream, Morningstar’s Advisor Workstation, and Google Apps enable independent advisers to work more efficiently and focus on continued innovation for the financial planning industry.

Previously you have been forced into conversations with salesmen trying to convince you to buy a product, wondering if it was in your best interests.  The exhaustive process is over.

I am not a salesman, I am your financial planner.

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