Our Competitive Fee Structure

Composed Financial believes that a simple, clear fee structure is key to maintaining transparency for you.  We charge a fee on the accounts that are under our management and a financial planning.  Please see below for these two types of fees we charge:

Assets Under Management (AUM) Annual Fee Percent of AUM Annual Financial Planning Fee
$0.0M – $1.0M 0.8% $500
$1.0M – $2.0M 0.6% $500
>$2.0M 0.4% $500


Our all-in fee is 40% less than the industry average.  Behind-the-scenes fees are likely crippling your investment returns.  Let us stop the damage and save you money TODAY. Below is our average ‘all-in’ fee which consists of both our AUM fee as well as our financial planning fee:

Composed vs Industry Average


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