The Fee Only Advantage

There are 3 types of financial advisers. Fee-only, fee-based (hybrid), and commission-only. Composed Financial is a fee-only adviser. Fee-based and commissioned advisers have inherently more conflicts of interest as they receive a portion of their income from commissions for selling products. Fee-only advisers are more likely to work towards your best interests.






The Typical Fee-Only Adviser


1) Tailored, personal service

2) Credentials (CFP®, CPA, or CFA typically)

3) Less conflicts of interest

4) No pushy sales tactics


1) Higher fees

2) Restrictions – high investment minimums

3) Discretionary only – must move money to preferred custodian

The Composed Financial Difference

We try to eliminate the disadvantages of the typical fee-only adviser.  Our fees are significantly lower than the industry average, we have no investment minimums, and we don’t require you to move money to our preferred custodian.