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We are a FEE-ONLY adviser and held to the highest fiduciary standard.

Read more about why fee-only advisers have less conflicts of interests and why their goals are better aligned with your own.

Lower the fee and tax impact on your portfolio

Optimized investment recommendations across all of your accounts (401k included)

Performance tracking

Financial organization

Financial planning

Education planning

Estate planning

Help with other financial questions or analyses

Focus on what’s important

There are two items guaranteed to hit everyone’s financial portfolios:  fees and taxes.  At Composed Financial, we are determined to lower both.  Whether it is using the power of aggregation to pick and choose low-cost, high performing investments across your entire portfolio, or ensuring the correct withdrawal order from your taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free accounts – you can be sure we are focused on providing you with the best advice to minimize both fees and taxes over the long-run.

Put ‘The Power of Aggregation’ to work across all your accounts

Many times your employer 401(k) custodian will have an ‘active’ management function where you have the option of getting their recommendations for a percentage of assets under management.   They make recommendations to the only vehicle they see, your 401(k) account with them.  They do not have access to any other accounts (i.e. your spouse’s 401(k) through a different employer, your IRAs, etc).  We are able to look at all the options available to you.  If there is a great domestic large cap mutual fund in your employer 401(k) but your corporate bond funds are weak – we might recommend using your spouse’s 401(k) to invest in corporate bonds, and your 401(k) to invest in the domestic large caps.  Looking at the big picture – this is how we have been able to lower the investment costs of EVERY client we have taken on, many times paying for half or all of our adviser fee.  Low fees are the BEST WAY to maximize long term performance.

Performance tracking

To our knowledge nobody tracks performance like we do.  We will track how our recommendations perform versus industry benchmarks as well as versus your investments prior to joining us.  How can you really know the value your adviser is providing if you don’t know how his or her recommendations are performing versus your prior investments?  The answer is that you can’t.  We don’t think that is a good way to do business.  We are confident in our methods and will not shy away from report cards.

Organize through account aggregation and document retention

Do you have multiple accounts with multiple custodians?  Do you have a hard time picturing how your overall net worth is changing over time?  Many of our clients have said the most important service they appreciate is our organization.  We keep an eye on all your accounts and important documents so you can rest assured they are moving in the right direction.  You will receive weekly emails summarizing your accounts at all of your custodians.  Blueleaf is a third party providing account aggregation services.  Do you have an IRA at Schwab, a brokerage account at Interactive Brokers, and a 401(k) through Fidelity?  No worries, we can look at all of them at once and track performance.   Your Blueleaf portal will also help with document storage.  We will help your turn your Blueleaf portal into your own online filing cabinet so you can get organized and keep your important documents secure.

Comprehensive financial planning for hard working individuals

An initial consultation will allow us to determine your specific financial goals.  You will also be asked to complete a risk tolerance questionnaire, which will determine your tolerance for risk so that an appropriate asset allocation profile will be selected.   Your profile will be input into inStream, our financial planning platform and will be the model we use to track your progress towards your goals.   The account balances used in your inStream financial plan are updated every day, so we can monitor in real-time how likely you are to attain your goals.

Education Planning

At Composed Financial, we are prepared to help you plan for your educational needs.  There are many different ways to save (i.e. 529 plans, prepaid tuition, Roth IRAs, etc.), but not every type of account may suit your needs.  We will help you decide which method will fit your plan and also help you figure out a contribution schedule that will satisfy your education goal.   Please click here to see the total cost of attendance for many of the top schools in Texas as well as other popular schools across the United States.

Estate Planning

While nobody at Composed Financial is a lawyer or provided legal advice, we can help you get your estate plan organized. We have partnered with Everplans to help you store and create a digital archive of your important estate planning documents.  Wills, power of attorneys, advance directives – these are the big ticket items.  But have you considered even the more miniscule details?  Does someone you trust know how to pay your bills if the worst happens, what utility bills need to be shut off or paid, how to care for your pets, etc?  Estate planning is more than just directing where you want your assets to go.  It’s making a plan for every issue that could arise should the worst happen.   As previously mentioned, no one at Composed Financial is a lawyer nor is any advice given by Composed Financial a substitute for legal advice.

Your go-to for financial questions

There is a vast array of information out there concerning financial matters.  At times it can be overwhelming.  After all, you are a project manager, a nurse, a branch manager, a doctor, a lawyer – not a financial professional.   We are available for any questions that may come up.   Thinking about buying a home?  Comparing different life insurance policies?  Concerned about upcoming required minimum distributions from your retirement accounts?  Questions about long term care insurance?  Estate planning issues? You can call us anytime at (281) 705-7161, or by email at info@composedfinancial.com.


  • Fee-only advisor whose fees are less than half the industry average
  • Focused on lowering the two things guaranteed to hit every portfolio: taxes and fees
  • Transparency – Availability – Simplicity


  • Fee-only advisor with clear fee structure – no hidden fees
  • Lower fees than average independent fee-only advisors


  • Personalized service previously only available to the privileged few is now available to anyone
  • No investment minimums
  • No requirements to transfer funds to our custodian


  • Technological advances allow for a simple, effective client experience for financial planning and investment management
  • Clear picture of all your financial accounts
  • Easy to understand financial planning and investment tracking
  • Performance tracking that makes sense

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